1. I make a very similar salsa, and because I like it all year round, I use frozen corn and roast it in the oven to give it added flavor. Not quite as good as fresh summer corn on the cob, but not bad, either!

  2. I've used fresh and frozen corn for this recipe, and both work great. This salsa is super versatile, great with chips, alone, in a taco, or on grilled fish or chicken.

  3. Looks amazing. I am headed back to Canada today and will be on a major detox from meat.

    I have a feeling I am going to be going through all your archives for recipes!

  4. ohhhh my, i love the idea of putting roasted corn into it!!!! i've been obsessed with avocado lately. had two yesterday hahahah :). this is definitely a bookmarked recipe!

  5. Thanks Ayngelina and Junia! Safe travels Ayngelina! Junia – avocados have become a staple in my house – just had some on whole grain toast for breakfast!

  6. I love that you roasted the corn. I've made something similar, but I think roasting gives it an extra level of flavour. Thanks for the idea!

  7. This sounds fabulous, Jeanette! I just started pan-roasting corn after having it at a restaurant in Vegas last year and loving it. Now to try making my own black beans. 🙂

  8. I just made another batch of this roasted corn salsa today, and hoping it will last at least a few more days – pan roasting the corn is definitely worth the little bit of extra effort. In fact, I served pan-roasted corn the other night with dinner with just a bit of salt and pepper.

  9. I love sweet corn, this looks yum, i've never tried black bean, now i'm tempted to use them in salads

  10. Gorgeous, Jeanette!! I love this salad. My MIL makes one that is very similar and I can literally eat it with a spoon. Your photos look so vibrant, by the way!! 😉

  11. This salsa sounds like the perfect appetizer to have at a summer bbq or party! I love all the super fresh flavors!

  12. this looks beautiful, but I was just wondering if you accidentally left out the requisite lime juice, or whether it is intended to be made without any acidity!

  13. Charissa – beans are a great source of vegan protein as you know, love them in soups, salads and salsas!

  14. I'm glad everyone likes this salsa – I've been making it every week and tossing it with quinoa and arugula as a salad, or just serving it straight packed with a spoon for my son's snack at school.

  15. Thanks Ayngelina, I just made this salsa for a Father's Day celebration, and everyone loved it. We enjoyed it both as a dip and as a salad. This has become of my summer favorites!

  16. What a perfect combination for salsa. I love roasted corn and I can’t wait till it’s back in season again so I can throw some on the grill. This is such a fun dip to serve at get togethers, I bet it goes fast!

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