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Kids Cooking

by Jeanette on July 2, 2012 · Leave a Comment
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AlexStarting in July 2012, three of my boys started videotaping themselves cooking up some of their favorite foods and new adventures in the kitchen. This is Alex, my youngest. He’s a dynamo and my most willing taste tester. Alex is found to be allergic to numerous foods in December 2010, and is the impetus behind all the allergy-friendly recipes on Jeanette’s Healthy Living. Alex loves ducks and one of his ducks, named Steve Jobs, makes a regular appearance on Alex’s videos. Alex made his debut making Berry Popsicles for a friend with cancer.

KyleMy son, Kyle, is the cameraman behind the video camera when Alex and Jeffrey are cooking. He’s also the chief video editor for the Kids Cooking Channel and will be writing posts about his cooking adventures, as well as making cameo appearances in our Kids Cooking Videos.

JeffreyJeffrey is the (older) twin brother of Kyle and unexpectedly made his debut in the Pasta Puttanesca video. He’d never cooked anything before we shot that video (I’m not kidding!), so it just goes to show that anyone can learn to cook.

Oh…and one more thing. You might notice a duck called Steve Jobs (and few of his other little friends) in these videos. That’s Alex’s duck – he has a special fondness for all things duck and he is huge admirer of Steve Jobs, hence he named his most recent addition to his duck collection, Steve Jobs.

I hope you all enjoy these video adventures as much as we do!

Guacamole Salsa (featuring Kyle)

VIDEO: Gluten-Free Vegetable Pizza (featuring Alex)

VIDEO: Roasted Corn, Black Bean and Avocado Salsa (featuring Alex)

VIDEO: Triple Fruity Freeze (featuring Alex)

VIDEO: Healthy Mixed Berry Popsicles (featuring Alex)

VIDEO: Pasta Puttanesca (featuring Jeffrey and Kyle)