1. I can definitely see why these have met with rave reviews! between all of the veggies and the fabulous flavors, you've got yourself a delicious meal here!

  2. Oh..I could live a life with plates full of these colorful veggies! Love the sauce recipe..would be great with my veggies. Have not herd about 'Gochujang'….

  3. Another great lunch idea for me. Jeanette, I am loving your CSA posts and all of the yummies you've been making. Yummy! Envious!

  4. I'm so jealous of that CSA box – what a nice selection of veggies! The lettuce wraps sounds great.

  5. jeanette, my mouth is watering! love the summer veggie wraps "korean" style :D. i bet i could totally make this with vegetables! maybe portabellas instead of the meat?

  6. Look at all that deliciousness you are getting in your CSA box! Love these wraps you made. Packed full of vegetables….yum!

  7. What an incredible ensemble of fresh foods wrapped in a delicate leaf… I just love this. You are making such good use of your CSA box; wonderful.

  8. Your CSA looks like it's giving you a great variety of stuff. If I didn't have a garden I would sign up for a CSA immediately! And love the sound of the lettuce wraps. Haven't had Gochuchang sauce; will have to look for it.

  9. I am really enjoying the nice variety of vegetables in my weekly CSA Box. These lettuce wraps are a good way to use lots of different vegetables, including the lettuce leaves I've been getting. For a vegan recipe, you could certainly use meaty portobello mushrooms in place of the ground meat.

  10. My husband loves these Korean lettuce wraps. Love them and we haven't had them in ages. He would just love me forever if I made these tonight. I guess he already does but bonus points never hurt.

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