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Stir-Fry Shrimp with Thai Roasted Chili Paste Recipe {Video + Giveaway}

by Jeanette on March 24, 2014 · 24 Comments
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This Stir-Fry Shrimp with Thai Roasted Chili Paste is really easy to make – the trick is in the flavorful Chili Paste.
Stir-Fry Shrimp with Thai Chili Paste © Jeanette's Healthy LivingI love Thai food so when I first learned how to prepare some of my favorite Thai recipes several years ago, it was really eye-opening. I think my first experience cooking Thai food was from a class given by the chef of a local Thai restaurant.
Shrimp with Thai Chili Paste © Jeanette's Healthy Living
After learning about the different curry pastes, sauces and herbs used in Thai cooking, I felt confident enough to try cooking Thai food in my own kitchen.
Shrimp with Thai Chili Paste © Jeanette's Healthy Living
I still remember the first time I came across Thai Roasted Chili Paste – it’s nothing like the Chinese chili pastes I’ve ever tried. Thai Roasted Chili Paste is sweet and spicy and a little tangy. Made with dried chilies, tamarind juice, garlic, shallots, fish sauce, dried shrimp, sugar and salt, this is one of those pantry items that can transform almost any dish instantly.

Thai Roasted Chili Paste
The first time I made this Stir-Fry Shrimp with Thai Roasted Chili Paste, I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to prepare. The flavors are rich and deep – I almost felt like I was cheating.

Shrimp with Thai Chili Paste © Jeanette's Healthy Living
I prepared this shrimp recipe for #ShrimpShowdown to highlight the work that The NFI Shrimp Council is doing to promote sustainable shrimp as a nutritious and delicious protein. NFI and its members are committed to sustainable management of our oceans and being stewards of our environment by endorsing the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Fisheries.

Shrimp with Thai Chili Paste © Jeanette's Healthy Living
Shrimp can be part of a healthy diet. It’s a lean protein and a 3-ounce serving (e.g., 4 large shrimp) weighs in at less than 85 calories, 1 gram of fat and nearly 20 grams of protein. Shrimp is also a good source of B12 vitamins and an antioxidant called selenium.

Shrimp with Thai Chili Paste © Jeanette's Healthy Living

OXO provided some cool kitchen tools to help prepare the unpeeled shrimp that Eastern Fish Company (a member of the NFI Shrimp Council) provided for this event. The Colander/Bowl/Lid set was great for washing the shrimp and storing the peeled/deveined until I was ready to cook it.

Shrimp in Colander

This nifty shrimp cleaner made it so much faster to peel and devein the shrimp (watch my video to see how).

Peeled Shrimp

and the Kitchen and Herb Snips made cutting the kaffir lime leaves into fine shreds a cinch.

Thai Chili Shrimp Ingredients
You’ll have a chance to win a bunch of prizes including a Shrimp Cleaner, Flexible Kitchen & Herb Snips, Silicone Steamer, Wooden Lemon Reamer, 3 Piece Bowl and Colander Set, 12″ Tongs with Silicone Heads and a $100 Visa Gift Card from the NFI Shrimp Council.

Watch this short video to see how you clean and devein shrimp using the Shrimp Cleaner.

Watch this video to see how to make this Stir-Fry Shrimp with Thai Roasted Chili Paste.

You can check out all the shrimp recipes that were created for this challenge on the #ShrimpShowdown Pinterest Board.

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Stir-Fry Shrimp with Thai Roasted Chili Paste
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 6
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1 medium onion, thinly sliced
  • 1½ pound shrimp, peeled and deveined
  • 3 tablespoons Roasted Chili Paste
  • 1 tablespoon fish sauce
  • 3 kaffir lime leaves, cut into thin slivers
  1. Heat wok or large skillet over medium heat. Add oil and heat. Add garlic and onion and stir fry until fragrant and onion is just softened. Add shrimp and toss; add Roasted Chili Paste and toss with shrimp. Stir fry until shrimp is cooked through. Add fish sauce and toss. Sprinkle in kaffir lime leaf slivers. Serve.

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Disclosure: I received a set of OXO kitchen tools and shrimp from Eastern Fish Company to develop this recipe. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I’m still very much in the process of learning how to cook Thai food. I’ll have to look out for that game-changing chili sauce! This dish looks pretty great. You could almost see how much flavor is in the dish from all that sauce sticking to the shrimp!

  2. Jeanette, this looks AMAZING! I have always wanted to learn more Thai dishes and this looks like the perfect place to start, especially since shrimp is involved :)

    • Jeanette Jeanette says:

      Thanks so much Amy – the sauce is the best! Thai cooking isn’t hard once you become familiar with the ingredients. I love the vibrant flavors.

  3. Pardon me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard. This looks so good!

  4. Such GORGEOUS, spicy shrimp, Jeanette! It’s making my mouth water!

  5. Jeanette, love these photos, that water falling from the tap is –wow!
    Speaking of WOW – Your shirmp with roasted chili paste is simply WOW too! Love the flavors!

  6. have to explore more on thai cooking now!

  7. I love being able to make Thai dishes at home. Especially since our move and I have yet to find any Thai restaurants near us. This looks perfect.

  8. Oh yum – there is nothing I like better on anything than chili paste! And stir fry is such a great weeknight meal, too.

  9. So nice and simple and so tasty!

  10. I bet the flavors are just amazing in this! Major bonus points for how easy it is.

  11. Love how simple and delicious this recipe is to make! I am a mother of 3 active kiddos, so I am always looking for quick and flavorful meal ideas. Pinning <3

  12. Wow, this looks amazing Jeanette! The photos are stunning!!! Love Thai food and this spicy and sweet shrimp sounds mouthwatering! Can’t wait to try this – pinning :)

  13. This sounds so good!

  14. Me too, I love Thai food and can eat it everyday! I’m working on my and my kids’ spice level so that we can eat more spicy food (while my husband loves extra extra spicy food). This sounds really delicious!

  15. I love Thai food and have a few recipes I make at home, but I’ve never used lime leaves. I’m so excited to try this! It sounds completely delicious! Lovely photos too!

    • Jeanette Jeanette says:

      Caroline – if you can get your hands on kaffir lime leaves, you won’t be disappointed – they are so fragrant.

  16. I have all the ingredients for the sauce, now I just need to pick up some shrimp. Lovely!

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