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How To Make The Perfect Poached Egg – Sous Vide Cooking {Video}

by Jeanette on March 21, 2014 · 5 Comments
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I’ve been wanting to learn how to make the Perfect Poached Egg – Sous Vide style for a while, made using the sous vide technique. This “fancy” technique simply means cooking food at a precise temperature for a period of time so that it achieves the “perfect” consistency or texture.
The Perfect Sous Vide Poached Egg
The most critical piece of equipment for sous vide is a circulator which is basically a giant heater with a built-in thermometer that circulates and heats water in a pot or tub, maintaining the temperature at a setting you select.

The Perfect Sous Vide Poached Egg
The “perfect” temperature rely depends on what your personal preference is. I prefer my yolks runny, so I’ve tried sous vide poached eggs cooked at 72 degrees celsius for 15 minutes (somewhere I read that was the “perfect” temperature and time), and then I tried sous vide poached eggs at 63 degrees celsius for 45 minutes (which I saw somewhere else was the “perfect” temperature and time).

The Perfect Sous Vide Poached Egg
It’s hard to overcook food using sous vide since the temperature never rises about the “perfect” temperature. However, the texture of the food can change with time. As you can see from my pictures, the yolk at 63 degrees is rich and creamy, and the white is not as firm as a regular poached egg, but is rather gelatinous (watch the video below).

The Perfect Sous Vide Poached Egg
What I love about sous vide poached eggs is that you can cook a large batch at the same time which is great for a crowd. You can also make a batch ahead of time and cool it down in an ice bath, then refrigerate it for later. When you’re ready to serve them, just place in warm water to reheat briefly.

The velvety texture of the yolk is definitely discernible – my boys all love it!

Here are two quick videos I shot to show you how easy it is to use the Sansaire Sous Vide Circulator that I bought (I participated in their kickstarter campaign).

Watch this video to see one of my favorite ways to enjoy Sous Vide Poached Eggs ~ Oatmeal with Sous Vide Poached Egg and Chili Sauce.

The Perfect Poached Egg – Sous Vide


  • however many eggs you like


  1. Fill a large pot with water (use hot faucet water to reduce time it takes to heat it up using circulator). Set circulator to 63 degrees celsius. When temperature reaches 63 degrees celsius, gently place whole eggs in water. Let eggs cook 45 minutes. Remove from pot and serve immediately, or place in ice bath to cool. Refrigerate whatever you don't use. To reheat, simply place eggs in warm water (I put them in water that's about 60 degrees celsius for 5 minutes).

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  1. Fabulous post, Jeanette! I love that the eggs, when cooked sous vide, are done “perfectly” at the same time. Perfect for brunch! Appreciate all the information and the vids, too. Will definitely be pinning to group boards at Pinterest. :) Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Jeanette Jeanette says:

    Thanks Stacy – I’ve been having fun experimenting with sous-vide. I think my inner geek is coming out ;). Sous Vide Poached Eggs are really quite spectacular – I’d read about them for a while and now I understand what the rage is all about. My boys have been loving them!

  3. I have never actually attempted a poached egg at home… but I think I can do it!! Excellent post Jeanette… thanks!

  4. What a great tutorial! Love the video, too :)

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