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Star Anise Ginger Pickled Beets Recipe {+ Kimchi Pickled Beets}

by Jeanette on September 4, 2013 · 16 Comments
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These Star Anise Ginger Pickled Beets with an Asian twist make a fun topping for salads.
Star Anise Ginger Pickled Beets
I’ve been obsessed with quick pickles this summer. Pickling is a great way to turn almost any fruit or vegetable into something special. Chinese Pickled Watermelon Rinds and Miso Gochujang Cucumber Pickles tossed with cold soba noodles becomes lunch. Almost anything can be pickled.

During the summer, I also make quick versions of Kimchi, another form of pickling – napa cabbage kimchi, kohlrabi kimchi, red radish kimchi, and cucumber kimchi.

Today’s Star Anise Ginger Pickled Beets are my latest quick pickle obsession. If you’re looking to try something different with your beets, I think you’ll enjoy these pickled beets.
Star Anise Ginger Pickled Beets

All you need are some roasted or cooked beets, and you’ll have these pickles made in no time. The beets don’t need to marinate very long in the pickling juice before you can enjoy them.

Recently, I came across a post on Google+ that caught my eye on better ways to use beets. One idea was to pickle beets in kimchi juice. Interesting.

Kimchi Pickled Beets

So, I decided to make pickled beets two ways, first pickling them in an Asian inspired pickle brine; second, pickling them in kimchi juice.

I had made some kimchi with napa cabbage from my CSA Box several weeks ago. I’ve been saving the juice from the kimchi ~ it’s like gold. Koreans never throw out kimchi. As it ages, kimchi continues to ferment and gets more sour, but it’s great in Kimchi Soup, Kimchi Fried Rice, scrambled with eggs, and made into kimchi honey sauce.

It’s fun to have two different beet pickles in my refrigerator to pop out at lunch or dinnertime. So interesting that you can get two completely different results, just by changing the brine, one sweet, and one savory.

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Star Anise Ginger Pickled Beets
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Great tossed in salads.
Serves: 2
  • 1 cup roasted beets or cooked beets, thinly sliced
  • ¼ cup rice vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons organic sugar
  • 1 slice ginger, peeled, the size of a quarter
  • 1 star anise
  • 1 piece lemon zest
  • ⅛ teaspoon salt
  1. Place beets in a glass jar. Combine vinegar, sugar, ginger, star anise, lemon zest and salt in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat and pour over beets in jar. Let cool, then refrigerate 24 hours.

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  1. We all need more recipes to use up all the healthy beets here Jeannette. Great idea to pickle them with star anis, yum!

    • Helene, I’m always trying to come up with different ways to enjoy summer beets. Star anise is one of my favorite Asian spices.

  2. Sorry, friend, I am just not a fan of beets…but I am pinning this for you anyway, because I know a lot of people love them!

    • Carolyn – I hear you. Most people either love beets or hate them. Although I have to say I wasn’t a fan until a few years ago when I had the most incredible roasted beet salad at a local restaurant. Thanks for pinning this!

  3. I love beets in curries, rice and sweets….and this pickled recipe is my next project…

    • Sanjeeta – I’ve never tried beets in curries, rice or sweets – so interesting. Thanks so much for sharing how you use them.

  4. Wow! These pickled beets sound so good! Very clever to use ginger and star anise. Star Anise makes such a difference, doesn’t it? I love using it in my brines and I adore pickled beets in my salads. Thanks for sharing, Jeanette!

    • Thanks Stacy – I love the combination of ginger and star anise, adds a little spice and licorice-y flavor. Great idea using star anise in brines – I’ll have to try that!

  5. Hi Jeanette – love the idea of kimchi pickled beets! I will definitely make that!
    Kamsahamnida, LL

  6. Love beets and look and I am always looking for options. Thanks for sharing some great ideas.

    • Ash – glad you like this. I’m also always trying to come up with new ways to try beets since they’re so readily available in the summertime.

  7. I love beets but never tried pickled beets (or I should say I only had beets in salad which I LOVE!). I already know that I will enjoy this. Love almost everything pickled. These are beautiful color too!

    • Nami – I learned to love beets after I had it roasted and served in a salad. I’ve been having fun making quick pickles this summer.

  8. I ADORE pickled beets… like, totally obsessed. But I have yet to try this twist on them, which sounds absolutely wonderful.

    • Brian – I’ve only ever had pickled beets at the salad bar. Now that I know how easy they are to make, I’ll be doing this again next summer.

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