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Kale Grape Ginger Lemon Juice Recipe

by Jeanette on September 11, 2013 · 8 Comments
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This Kale Grape Ginger Lemon Juice is a great beginner green juice combination. Grapes make this nice and sweet.
Kale Grape Ginger Juice

Some of you know that I’ve experimented with green smoothies and green juices before, trying to get my kids and my husband to try them. There’s just something about the green color that turns my family off, but I keep trying. Over the summer, one of my friends couldn’t stop raving about the kale and ginger juice she’d been making.

Kale Grape Ginger Juice © Jeanette's Healthy Living

With all the kale I’ve been getting in my CSA Box each week, I decided it was time to try making green juice again, this time for my husband. He’s normally a good sport, but there’s something about green juice that causes him to look at me suspiciously. Perhaps it was the time I tricked him with a Beet and Carrot Smoothie, a vibrant colored red smoothie that had him fooled into thinking he was about to drink a strawberry daquiri (it really didn’t taste bad, but he was expecting something totally different).

My husband’s response to this green juice was “Not Bad,” which in my book means “Pretty Good” so I’ll be making this for him again. He did say he’d prefer it without the ginger, which gives this juice a little kick. Personally, I like the kick.

Beet Carrot Smoothie © Jeanette's Healthy Living

Not all green juices are created equally, however. One of my friends recently ordered a juice called “The Nasty” at a juice bar. She said it was awful – now I would naturally assume that anything called “The Nasty” would taste just that…nasty. When I asked her what was in it, she said green vegetables, garlic, ginger, and  cayenne. Now that does sound pretty nasty for a green juice. I’m definitely still a beginner green juicer. I’d much rather consume that combination in stir-fry form, not a juice.

There are a few juice combinations I’ve seen that I’d like to try:

Kale, celery, beet, carrot and orange

Carrot, beet and cucumber

Carrot, green apple, mint and lime

Here are some of the green drinks I’ve gotten my family to try over the years:

Beginner Green Tea Smoothie (the shot glasses made it easy to get my kids to try these)

Beginner Green Tea Smoothie © Jeanette's Healthy Living

Beginner Green Smoothie (the very first one my kids tried)

Beginner Green Smoothie

Kale Spinach Lettuce Apple Green Juice (my kids did not try this one but my husband did)

Kale Spinach Lettuce Apple Green Juice © Jeanette's Healthy Living

Have you tried green juice or green smoothies? If so, what’s your favorite combination? If not, would you consider it?

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Kale Grape Ginger Lemon Juice Recipe
The ginger gives this a juice a bite. If you don't want a kick to your juice, leave it out.
  • 1 bunch organic kale
  • 1 cup organic grapes
  • 1 slice ginger, optional
  • juice of one lemon wedge
  1. Feed kale, grapes and ginger through juicer feeding tube. Squeeze lemon juice into kale juice. Serve.

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  1. Your husband sounds like my husband!! We actually joined a “juicing challenge” beginning of September though, and I have to say my husband has come a long way. His current favorite is a Green Juice with coconut water, spinach, and lemon/lime. I added a touch of maple syrup and he’s asked for it 3 days in a row! I’m going to try this one on him, he really likes ginger. We’ve really grown to look forward to our morning drinks!

    • LOL! Love the idea of a “juicing challenge”. I love coconut water and spinach is a great beginner green veggie to use – I bet the maple syrup adds a nice touch.

    • Anastasia says:

      Wow a juicing challenge sounds great! Do you use any specific juicer for that? I need help to get my husband into eating and juicing more veggies. Is there a place to sign up for local juice challenges?

  2. A suggestion that adds a subtle nice perk and some cover for the “green” taste, try adding a whole slice of lime, skin and all. Although I do smoothies, where the pulp isn’t removed [and even the rind of the lime is pulverized and incorporated in] lime juice might add a little different flavor twist here.

  3. Mmmm I just made this and my kids and I enjoyed it. My son likes using the juicer the best and I think he’ll drink anything we make with it as long as he gets to work the machine and feed in the veggies! I also added in some strawberries that were getting past their due and it was still very good :o)

    • Sarah, so glad you tried this and kudos to your son for making his own juice – that is awesome! Great idea adding in some strawberries!

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