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Crispy Un-Fried Chicken Wings – T-Fal ActiFry Product Review (Giveaway)

by Jeanette on February 7, 2013 · 93 Comments
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Un-Fried Buffalo Chicken Wings

Un-Fried Buffalo Chicken Wings

As I mentioned in my last post, we had a woman from Shanghai live with us for 8 years to help care for my aging in-laws. She was a great cook, and would help prepare dinner every once in a while. Whenever I asked her how she made a particular dish, she always said she used just a little bit of oil (“e de de you”), but the first year she lived with us, I gained weight despite her “healthy” cooking. After spending more time beside her, watching her cook, I saw what was going on – she was frying everything. So, we made some changes and asked her to do more steaming and roasting, and use less oil in her cooking.
It wasn’t until she left that I realized just how much oil she used in her cooking.  Let’s just say that I haven’t bought a jug of oil since. Although I love crispy fried foods once in a while (I have a weakness for Chinese spring rolls and French fries), I don’t eat them often and I seldom deep fry food at home.

A few weeks ago, T-Fal sent me an ActiFry “Fryer” to test out and I accepted the challenge because I was curious if it was possible to achieve “fried” results without using buckets of oil (another reason I hate deep frying at home – dealing with the leftover oil).

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been “frying” everything from Chinese spring rolls to chicken wings to sweet potato fries to fresh cut potato fries to candied walnuts to crispy shredded brussels sprouts. I even tried making kale chips (these did not work very well because some pieces were bigger than others, so some leaves crisped up, others did not).

I’ve tried making “fried” chicken three different ways in an attempt to achieve crispy wings that taste deep fried, but only use one tablespoon of oil. On my third try, I finally got my chicken wings nice and crispy and served them at our Super Bowl party – they were a huge hit and people were intrigued with the Actifry – they couldn’t believe I used just a tablespoon of oil. The secret was in the coating I used.

Mind you, I’m not advocating that you should eat chicken wings or French fries every day just because you’re using just 1 tablespoon of oil to fry them – but if you have a hankering for crispy French fries or fried chicken wings, this method will satisfy your craving with a lot less fat than your typical fried foods.

Un-Fried Korean Chicken Wings

Un-Fried Korean Chicken Wings

So far, the best things I’ve made in my Actifry have been frozen mini Chinese spring rolls from the local Asian supermarket (nice and crispy on the outside and hot and moist inside),

UnFried Spring Rolls

Un-Fried Spring Rolls

sweet potato waffle fries, fresh cut potato fries (I used the directions that came with the Actifry, using Yukon Gold potatoes that had been rinsed and dried well), candied walnuts,

Un-Fried Candied Walnuts

Un-Fried Candied Walnuts

crispy roasted shredded brussels sprouts, and these chicken wings coated with egg and glutinous rice flour.

Un-Fried Buffalo Chicken Wings

Simply “frying” chicken wings without any coating didn’t turn out crispy; rather the wings were on the drier side and tasted baked. So, I played around with a few different methods of coating the chicken wings, until I found a recipe/method that worked to my satisfaction. I tested it out this past weekend at our Super Bowl party and I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed. My only problem was making these crispy un-fried chicken wings fast enough for my guests. The only downside of the ActiFry is that it can only make about one pound of chicken wings at a time, and each batch takes about 25-30 minutes. Then, of course, that probably keeps portions sizes in check since chicken wings aren’t the healthiest food to begin with.

I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with the ActiFry, and have a few pointers for anyone who’s thinking of purchasing one:

  • Foods that are dryer (not battered) work best; otherwise, you may end up with a gloppy mess or they may not get crispy/crunchy. So, if you’re making fries, make sure they are completely dry before cooking, and don’t attempt foods like tempura or other batter fried foods
  • Cook sturdy foods, not delicate foods that could fall apart; there’s a paddle that rotates as the “fryer” is working, so delicate foods are likely to fall apart (I did not try fish, but I have a  feeling it would probably fall apart)
  • Cook in small batches to ensure proper browning and maximum crunchiness (I cooked 1 pound of chicken wings at a time)
  • Make sure ingredients are all roughly the same size/shape to ensure even cooking time (see my note above on the kale chips)

And now for the fun part – the GIVEAWAY! I have one (1) T-Fal Actifry to giveaway. There are multiple ways to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Crispy Un-Fried Chicken Wings

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes

Yield: 4-5 appetizer servings

I did not salt the wings prior to cooking because I tossed them afterwards with seasoning that already contained salt.


  • 1 cup glutinous rice flour
  • 1 egg, beaten lightly
  • 1 pound chicken wings, cut into parts
  • Optional Seasonings:
  • Frank's Hot Sauce
  • Korean Fried Chicken Wing Sauce
  • Old Bay Seasoning
  • Cajun Seasoning


  1. Toss chicken wings with rice flour (I used a Ziploc bag). Dip wings in beaten egg to coat, letting excess drip off. Toss wings in rice flour again. Place wings in a single layer on a large plate. Place in refrigerator (uncovered) for a few hours (you don't have to do this, but I did because I thought it would make for a crispier skin). Place in ActiFry and cook for 25-30 minutes until crispy and nicely browned. Sprinkle your favorite seasonings on and toss.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by T-Fal, all opinions are my own.

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  1. That looks delicious!

  2. The first thing I’d try is fries

  3. chris price says:

    My summer garden gives me lots of green tomatoes and yellow squash, I can hardly wait to fry them up ;)

  4. Those wings look awesome!

  5. I’m amazed that all of these are Unfried!!! Coolest.Thing.Ever. I’d want to make sweet potato fries!

    • I’ve made them from frozen in my machine. They turned into a ball (literally) of mush. I was very sad lol

      • Jeanette Jeanette says:

        Valerie, did you use chicken wings or prepared chicken pieces? I found tator tots turned to mush, but french fries worked fine. The shape and texture of the food you put in the ActiFry is important.

        • Valerie says:

          Oh actually I was referring to the sweet potato fries hah I made them from frozen, I bought a bag of them from Costco and the actifry just mashed it up into a rather large and unappetizing looking ball. I still ate it :D

  6. Awesome! I think I’d have to try the fries first!

  7. Melonie Bendza says:

    I really want on fo these! I’d make sweet potatoes for my kids!

  8. Wow! Would luv to try some healthy “fried” foods–once in a while!

  9. Sweet potato fries would be first–of course!

  10. I would try the wings first! My husband loves them but I never make them because I hate deep-frying!

  11. Those wings look amazing!

  12. Chris sorel says:

    garlic cheese fries and sweet potato taters

  13. Those wings look great! I would love to try them. :)

  14. The first thing I would do is onion rings. I love them and never eat them. Onion rings!!!

  15. Buffalo Chicken Wings. I love them and never make them because of the oil involved in frying them. My deep fryer sits unused and unloved in a garage cabinet. The T-Fal ActiFry would definitely be used and loved.

  16. would definitely try out the no fry wings. i love wings!!!

  17. Would love to try onion rings or sweet potato fries.

  18. My husband loves sweet potato fries, I would try that first. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. I have been so intrigued with this since I first saw it…I love that you were able to get crispy chicken from it!

  20. I want to try the chicken wings and sweet potato fries. They look delicious!

  21. Fried tofu sounds really good right now!

  22. French fries. I can eat them without the drive-thru people and their dubious oil.

  23. Megan Bennett says:

    I cannot tell you how much I miss wings, but I just can’t get myself to order them out because I don’t know what type of oil they use, and I don’t fry at home either. I would love to win this one and the first thing I would make are wings!

  24. Spring Rolls!

  25. Christine P. says:

    Fries (to eat with some steak!)

  26. sweet potato fries

  27. I did not realize you could do so many different things with this. I am torn between the spring rolls and the sweet potatoe fries. I love sweet potato fries.

  28. I had heard about this from my mother in law (who would fry everything, everyday if she could) but I was really intrigued. Sometimes, a person wants a little treat. Like you I have a weakness for spring rolls…and zucchini sticks for some reason. Sounds pretty cool.

  29. The wings look delicious! I would love to try this frier too. We love spring rolls and sweet potato fries.

  30. Rachael Akemi says:

    Wow this sounds awesome! No where near my budget, but it’s def going on my wishlist!

  31. This is amazing! I’ve never tried anything like this in the ActiFry but I am absolutely going to now. Thank you for the recipe! Awesome giveaway, too. :)

  32. Someday Jeanette will be “famouser” than Martha Stewart. (I say this cuz it’s true, but I am hoping I can get her to send me some of the non -cooked crispy walnuts!!!!

  33. I would try sweet potato fries.

  34. This looks like a great way to indulge in French fries occasionally.

  35. I’d love to try onion rings and green beans.

  36. Bethany C. says:

    I would definitely do wings and try making a bloomin’ onion.

  37. Coconut Shrimp

  38. Kristen M says:

    I would like to try lumpia and spring rolls.

  39. Hoping this is less smelly than deep fat frying – would love to try it and be able to make my own (allergen-free) fries.

  40. Karen Lynch says:

    I would like to try fried chicken for my husband, it’s his favorite.

  41. Stephanie says:

    I haven’t had a french FRY in years. That would be first on my list!!!

  42. I think I would make egg rolls first!

  43. I really want one of these Jeanette! I would love a healthier option for the occasional “fried food”. What a great giveaway (and recipe!)

  44. A healthier version of yam fries. You just can’t get the right crunch by using traditional ovens.

  45. Donuts!

  46. Lynnette P says:

    If I win the ActiFry, I would definitely recreate your chicken wings recipe! Then experiment with other types of fried chicken (it’s my favorite comfort food).

  47. Lynnette P says:

    Fried chicken, definitely! Both my grandma’s recipe and your chicken wings recipe here :)

  48. I need that in my life – your chicken wings are calling my name!

  49. Looks great; now to get an Actifry to make healthy fried foods like that!

  50. french fries :)

  51. I would want to make fries first. Yum!

  52. I’ve been drooling over a dry fry machine. I’d love to use it for un-fried salt and pepper pork chops.

  53. I would do FRIED CHICKEN!

  54. Fries…either sweet potato or regular

  55. I would try french fries first!

  56. Fried okra!

  57. Maggie Drake says:

    I love fried food, but I hate using all the oil. I would really use the T-Fal fryer.

  58. Roxie Moreland says:

    Unfried Chicken and then fries. I have given up a lot of these foods since being diagnosed with diabetes this last fall.

  59. Geri Thompson says:

    I would love to try the chicken wings and the sweet potato fries. Sounds great!

  60. Beverly King says:

    I am starting on a low carb diet so I would love to get the effect of fried food without the bad side effects of frying. I’m from the south, so I love fried food, it would be lovely to have healthy fried foods.

  61. I absolutely love your website. Thank you for sharing all your great ideas. Your chicken wings look delish!

  62. Samath Shealy says:

    I would like to make this fried chicken recipe. Looks yummy.

  63. That fryer seems amazing like your recipes.

  64. I would definitely like to cook egg rolls

  65. I love the idea of frying with very little oil. My first experiment would be okra!

  66. Patricia Wallace says:

    I’ve considered getting one of these because I can see how it would be so great to use. There are several recipes I’d like to try, but HATE frying due to the splatters and the amount of oil….this would be perfect! Hope I win, thank you for the opportunity!!!

  67. great recipes would love to try this. They all look yummy

  68. I’d SO love to try this out!

  69. french fries, I’m totally addicted to french fries and would LOVE to try them in here, oh yeah and that un-fried chicken looks YUMMY!

  70. oh, I want to try one. I love fried foods but don’t eat it since it’s so bad for you, adds too many calories, etc. This would be a great tool for any kitchen.

  71. ami wuschnig says:

    would love to try fried okra!

  72. Great wings!

  73. email sub using above email thanks

  74. most definitely chicken wings

  75. I would start with mushrooms!

  76. Judy in SATX says:

    I love the crunch of fried food but I too fear the buckets of oil. This looks interesting!

  77. Onion rings !

  78. Is this too good to be true? I think I would like to try potato chips

  79. I’d love to make some wings for my husband!

  80. Chicken tenders.

  81. WINGS!!!! I could eat them everyday…

  82. Melonie Bendza says:

    I just joined twitter to get one more chance! I didn’t think anything could get me on twitter, but . . . I guess healthier food may do it : )

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  84. looks delicious!

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    I’d make french fries

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    Chicken Katsu!

  88. Since I love fries, I would totally make fries in it first!!!! :)

  89. Christine Adams says:

    I would start with wings, move onto fries!

  90. Just wondering, who won?

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