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Greek Feta Yogurt Dip Recipe (Colavita Gift Basket Giveaway)

by Jeanette on January 21, 2013 · 53 Comments
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Feta Yogurt Dip with Za'atar © Jeanette's Healthy Living

I use olive oil every day in my cooking – it’s a heart healthy choice, and can help reduce cancer risk. Olive oil contains nutrients called polyphenols which decrease heart disease risk factors by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, reducing blood clotting and improving the health of artery linings. Polyphenols also reduce cancer risk by lowering inflammation and cellular proliferation.

But, not all olive oils are created equal. Extra virgin olive oil, which is cold-pressed only once, has the highest polyphenol levels. Regular and light olive oils, have lower polyphenol levels. Also, it’s important not to store olive oil too long and to store it in a dark place as exposure of the oil to heat (do not use extreme heat in cooking when using olive oil), light or air will reduce polyphenol content.

Although olive oil is a healthy fat (monounsaturated fatty acids), it is still high in calories, so use it wisely and sparingly, in place of saturated fats like butter, not in addition to it.

Now, onto today’s recipe…a few weeks ago, I bought a Greek feta yogurt dip from Trader Joe’s that the kids loved, so I was curious to see if I could recreate this dip at home. I inquired at the local Greek market to see if there was an authentic Greek feta dip – there isn’t as far as I can tell. However, the store manager suggested that I try mixing feta cheese with garlic, some good olive oil and oregano. Under no circumstances would he add Greek yogurt. He claimed the only reason to add Greek yogurt would be to stretch out the ingredients since feta is expensive.

Well, I got home and decided to give this feta dip a try. To keep some texture in this dip, I first pulsed the feta cheese in the food processor briefly, just to get it crumbly. I reserved half of this crumbled feta cheese, then blended the rest with a little Colavita Mediterranean Olive Oil, lemon juice, za’atar seasoning and black pepper. Against the advice of the store manager, I did add non-fat Greek yogurt to make a creamier dip and “dilute” the calories a bit (feta, like other cheese, is relatively high in fat and calories). Thumbs up and kid approved!

Feta Yogurt Dip with Za'atar © Jeanette's Healthy Living

And now, I’d like to introduce a product that I truly do love and have been playing around with for several weeks – olive oils by Colavita. I started using Colavita years ago, so when I was contacted by the company to sample products from their expanded line of olive oils, I didn’t hesitate.

Their extra virgin olive oils are great for making this Greek Feta Yogurt Dip and Green Harissa Sauce, as well as drizzling on top of steamed broccoli and making Roasted Cauliflower and Potatoes, Warm Kale and Farro Salad, and Mashed Cauliflower and Potatoes (I love their Roasted Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil). I also have been having fun with Colavita’s Roasted Garlic Cooking Oil Blend, which is a mixture of virgin olive oil and canola oil. It’s perfect for stir-fries, sautes, and omelets, and just about anything else when you want a quick hit of flavor.

I am super excited to present a beautiful gift basket ($85 value) giveaway from Colavita this week (1/21/13-1/25/13 midnight)! In addition to a selection of Colavita’s fine olive oils, this basket has a sampling of some of their other food products. Colavita is also generously offering my readers 25% off list price on their website through January 30, 2013.  Just enter the code JHL25.

As you can see, this gift basket offers a whole host of products from Colavita, not just their olive oil.
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Feta Yogurt Dip with Za'atar
Prep time
Total time
I like a little bit of texture in this dip. You can also process until smooth if you like.
Serves: ~ 2½ cups
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • ½ pound feta cheese, about 1⅓ cup
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 cup non-fat Greek yogurt
  • ¼ teaspoon lemon juice
  • dash of black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon za'atar seasoning plus more for garnish
  1. Place garlic, feta cheese and olive oil in food processor and process until cheese is roughly crumbled. Remove half of cheese to a bowl. Add yogurt, lemon juice, black pepper and za'atar seasoning to food processor bowl. Process until just about smooth. Add to bowl of feta crumbles and mix well. Spoon into serving bowl and sprinkle with more za'atar seasoning.

Mayo Clinic: If Olive Oil Is High In Calories, Why Is It Considered Healthy?
Washington Post: Olive Oil’s Healthy Benefits? It’s a Slippery Question

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  1. I would try this: Colavita 100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Yummy!

  2. I have a recipe I have been wanting to try that calls for Colavita Capellini Nests and I can’t find them anywhere locally! I would love to try these.

  3. That dip looks incredible…yum!
    My fav thing from the Colavita store is the Dal Raccolto Capunti…I always love to try new pasta shapes I haven’t had before.

  4. I really love feta cheese. Can’t wait to make this dip. Oh, and thanks for the great olive oil tips. I love Colavita Olive Oils. I didn’t know they had so many other products. I can’t wait to try some of them!

  5. Perusing the Colavita website made me realize the I’d love to have the ability to do an olive oil tasting from many regions of the world. Never knew about Argentinian olive oil before.
    Thanks for the feta cheese dip recipe, perfect to use up the piece in my fridge before my move.

  6. I checked out the store, and although I love olive oil, I’m a sucker for artichoke hearts. Love ’em. And your dip looks lovely. I need some chips now.

  7. I love olive oil so my favorite product would have to be Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 3 liter tin!

  8. I would really love to try their pasta sauces and the olive oil. Thank you so very much for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway. I tried several times to vote for your blog on the healthline contest but the site was not working correctly. Happy new year.

  9. Delicious dip Jeanette and fun giveaway! My friend brought over a feta dip last night she made with pesto and sun dried tomatoes-super yummy. I’ll definitely be trying your recipe soo!

  10. I like the Polenta and gnocchi.

  11. See… this is the kind of recipe I struggle with because lord knows that if I make it, I’m totally going to devour the whole bowl. I just can’t help myself!

  12. I’d like to try the cacciatore sauce.

  13. purplelarkspur says:

    The patsy’s sauce is my favorite!!

  14. Wonderful recipe! Za’atar is one of my favorite spices! I will definitely have to try this recipe out.

  15. I’d like to try the Novello Extra Virgin Olive Oil — not least because I love the wire-bail bottle….

  16. I like their Perugina Baci candies, Pecorino Romano Wedges and Fusco Penne Rigate – 1.1 Lb Bag

  17. I like the Gnocchi and the Marinara sauce.

  18. looks great girl and awesome giveaway!

  19. I would love to try their eggplant pate or country-style artichoke hearts

  20. I’ve used their olive oil before and really liked it. The sundried tomatoes sound fantastic – they might make a nice addition to your dip, even.

  21. Selima Garris says:

    I would love to try their pasta sauce and pasta.

  22. Thanks for sharing your dip recipe. It looks delicious. I am going to share this recipe with my daughter, because it sounds like something she would like as well. I love olive oil and enjoy using the pasta sauces in different recipes. I would love to win the gift basket. If you get a chance stop by my blog and check out some of my family favorite recipes at: http://deborah-bateman.blogspot.com
    Deborah H. Bateman-Author

  23. I’ve been meaning to try that dip but now I’m thinking I should just make my own!

  24. This dip looks amazing! And you are right, not all olive oil is created equal. I love tasting new olive oils, it’s really amazing how quality stands out.

  25. Would love to try some of their different olive oils and their pasta sauces also. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. My family has a new found love for olives. I bet their olive bruschetta would blow my husbands mind!

  27. ruth jean says:

    I would love to win the extra virgin olive oil they are so expensive, but so worth it!

  28. I would try the Greek Olive Oil!!

  29. Motta Panettone

  30. I think the Dal Raccolto Orecchiette look pretty cool! It’s a new product on the website and I’d love to try it.

  31. I’d like to try the Classic Hot Sauce.

  32. The Greek extra virgin olive oil sounds great.

  33. Ooo, that looks delightful!

  34. I love the combination of feta and Greek yogurt. It’s so simple yet, so smart. The feta lends wonderful taste and texture, the yogurt bulk and protein and it also mitigates the salt content in the feta (I have had feta only dips and found them a bit overwhelming on the sodium side)… wonderful Jeanette (and looks so pretty too!).

  35. Carolyn G says:

    Wow, the olive oil soap! That must be great for your skin!

  36. The sun-dried tomato pesto sounds delicious, and the eggplant pate!

  37. Colavita Garden Style Sauce

  38. We visited an olive oil “farm” last year while in Italy, and since then I’ve really grown to appreciate a good olive oil. I’ve enjoyed learning about the health benefits, and love finding new places in my recipes to use it. We also found an olive oil soap, and I am now wishing I had bought more!

  39. Lisa Lodter says:

    I’d like to try the Novello Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I bet it is delicious!

  40. georgie c says:

    I like the Artichoke Hearts in EVOO, 9.8 oz, the Colavita Basilolio – 8.5 oz. glass And Cirio Fine Peas – 13 oz

  41. I like the White Clam Sauce, the Cirio Ceci Beans and the Perugina Baci White Chocolate
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  42. I’d love to try the roasted garlic extra virgin olive oil!

  43. I can’t wait to try this dip recipe! Thanks for offering the giveaway. I’d like to try
    Colavita Limonolio from the Colavita store, along with loads of other things.

  44. I would love to try the flavored oils

  45. The artisanal pasta, particularly trofie! Very difficult to find.

  46. This sounds wonderful. One of my favorite feta dips is one by Molly Katzen. Essentially it’s the same recipe except with walnuts. But I like the idea of diluting the calories a but with the yogurt. What a great idea for a dip.

  47. Everything looks great but would love to try the pasta, pasta sauce or marinated vegetables

  48. The garlic olive oil!

  49. I’d love to try the rice! It looks like a great quality Arborio.

  50. looks yummy

  51. Yum. All my favorites in one bowl of spreadable goodness.

  52. Thanks so much for this recipe. That dip is one of our favorites, but Trader Joe’s is so far away and we finished the container way before our next trip to TJ’s. We do, however, have feta, yogurt and za’atar! Making it right now.

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