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My Latest Find – Yumi™ Eco-Friendly Bamboo Mixing Bowls

by Jeanette on December 1, 2012 · 9 Comments
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Today, I am shamelessly helping to promote one of my friends’ latest kitchenware – an Eco-Fiber Bamboo Mixing Bowl Set which features five colorful nesting bowls, perfect for mixing batters, tossing salads, displaying fresh fruit, and serving dip, chips, popcorn and meals throughout the day. These bowls are made from bamboo fiber and are extremely sturdy and are dishwasher safe.Yumi Eco Solutions Eco-Fiber Bamboo Mixing Bowls

My friend Virginia and her husband are the brains behind Yumi™, the marketer and manufacturer of this product and a growing line of eco-friendly products, all made from renewable and sustainable plant material. In addition to being biodegradable, their products are made from renewable and sustainable plant material. I can’t wait to see what else Yumi™ comes up with as their products also use less energy to make than paper or plastic.

I am so excited for them! Their bowls are now being sold online at West Elm so anyone can buy them. Virginia sent me a set so I could test them out. I’ve been playing around with my bamboo bowls for the past week,

mixing up latkes,

Latkes in Yumi Eco-Friendly Bowls

using them for dips and snacks,

Feta Yogurt Dip in Yumi Eco-Friendly Bowls

and serving dishes in them at dinnertime.

Lemongrass Chicken in Yumi Eco-Friendly Bowls

When I asked Virginia how long these decomposable bowls would last, I was shocked when she told me they would last for a minimum of 5 years — and that’s if I use them every day and put them in the dishwasher every single day.Yumi Eco Solutions Eco-Fiber Bamboo Mixing Bowls

I wasn’t going to post about these beautiful bowls for another week or so while I took more pictures of me using them, but I just found out they’re on sale for a limited time. I didn’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to buy these bowls for yourself, or as a gift for the holidays. They are such a great value that I bought several sets myself to give as gifts.  Yumi Eco Solutions Bamboo Mixing Bowls are on sale through December 3, 2013 at West Elm for 30% off at $29/set (free shipping too!). I appreciate your help supporting our environment and this innovative new company!

Disclosure: I was provided a complementary set of bowls for my review. I truly do love these bowls – in fact, I bought several sets as gifts for the holidays.

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  1. I have seen these bamboo bowls and coveted them ever since. Maybe my holiday gift wish list will come true?! :)

  2. These bowls are great – I use them for everything and anything. Love that they’re dishwasher safe too. They’re on sale right now, so maybe you can put them on your wishlist this weekend and put them away until later ;).

  3. Nothing wrong with a little shameless promotion 😉 especially when it’s eco-friendly and beautiful like these bowls, I can get behind that! You do a wonderful job modelling the varied uses Jeanette. I will go check them out. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Kelly – I ordered a few sets as gifts this holiday season – they are really nice, and I love the fact that they can be used for hot and cold foods. I’ve been using them every day since I got them and love how easy they are to clean.

  5. I love these! They’re so fun and colorful–and eco-friendly on top of that!

  6. Those ARE fabulous Jeanette!

  7. I love them. They’re gorgeous. I have a few similar biodegradable bamboo bowls, but just the little soup bowls and 2 salad plates and they’re awesome. I’d love to have mixing and serving bowls out of the same stuff.

  8. I bought a few of these too. Unfortunately, quality seems to be suspect. After sitting since Christmas unused. I pulled out the large bowl and found it to have several large cracks. I then noticed that one of the smaller bowls had bulging and cracks on the outside. Disappointed. The bowls are no longer for sale on west elm but I’ve contacted yumi. I hope they stand by their product.

    • Jeanette Jeanette says:

      Thanks for letting me know Andy. I haven’t had a problem with my bowls, and actually gave away a few sets to friends as gifts. Will keep an eye out and ask my friends if they’ve had any problems.

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