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Sarah Bakes Gluten-Free Sweet Treats {Guest Post}

by Jeanette on December 3, 2012 · 8 Comments
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Today, I am super excited to introduce you to Sarah who I met recently on a Google+ hangout. Sarah just started her blog this past year, but you’d never know it. Her site is absolutely gorgeous – her photography is beautiful and her site is a great resource for gluten-free and dairy-free sweets. Be sure to check out Sarah’s blog, Sarah Bakes Gluten Free Treats. Take it away Sarah!

Hello there, Jeanette’s Healthy Living readers! My name is Sarah and I LOVE to bake delicious gluten free treats!  Even with food restrictions, you can still enjoy those desserts that warm your heart. I now have a gluten free blog, which is truly a dream come true. It brings me great joy to share all of my favorite gluten free recipes. Come on over to Sarah Bakes Gluten Free Treats and bake with me!

Here are some of my favorite recipes, that I’m constantly craving. All are both gluten and dairy free. I love coming up with recipes that not only taste yummy, but that no one can tell are gluten free. Hope you and your family enjoys these tasty treats as much as we do!
Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
Gluten Free, Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
The perfect chocolate chip cookie. Something we are always searching for; I must say, these are pretty much at the top of my list! I’m a girl who loves oats in her cookies. Adds to the texture and the chewiness. These just might become your new favorite too!

Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding

Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding
This is the easiest (and healthiest) dessert! Dairy free, loaded with those powerhouse chia seeds, and sweetened with pure maple syrup. Whip up a batch. Let it refrigerate and then pretty soon you’ll be enjoying a guilt-free late night treat!Gluten-Free Honey Oat Bread
Gluten Free Honey Oat Bread

Bread, oh sweet bread. Now who’s to say you can’t enjoy a slice of warm bread when you are gluten and dairy free? This honey oat bread is moist and delicious. Perfect served with a bowl of hot soup on one of these, cold winter days!

Be sure to check out Sarah Bakes on facebook, twitter, and pinterest too!

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  1. I love that honey oat bread! Looks so soft and spongy even it’s gluten free. Thanks, Sarah, for sharing these delicious gluten free recipes.

  2. I just checked out your site, Sarah, and it is beautiful! Your recipes look fantastic and I love your blog’s pretty design. Jeanette, thanks so much for introducing us to Sarah!

  3. Those cookies look fabulous!

  4. great to “meet” Sarah – I am now looking through her delicious site. thanks for the introduction, Jeanette!

  5. Everything looks delicious, especially the gluten-free honey oat bread! Thanks for the wonderful introduction!!

  6. Oh, I love discovering a new gluten-free blogger and her recipes looks delicious!

  7. Lovely to meet Sarah + her cookies look amazing!

  8. I really need to try chia seed pudding. I love chia seeds! I will definitely be checking out Sarah’s blog. :)

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