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12 Healthy Super Bowl Snack Recipes

12 Healthy Snacks for Super Bowl - these are all Game Day favorites, lightened up so you can enjoy yourself at the party!

Celebrate Super Bowl with one or more of these 12 Healthy Super Bowl Snack Recipes. We're a huge football family, and although none of our teams are in the Super Bowl this year, we'll be hosting a Super Bowl party and watching the big game. I’ve put together a roundup of 12 Healthy Super Bowl Snacks for Parade Magazine’s food site. These are all favorite Game Day recipes that have been lightened up so you can enjoy yourself without feeling too guilty. If you're a Buffalo chicken fan, … [Continue Reading...]

Gluten-Free Hot Fudge Chocolate Pudding Cake

Gluten-Free-Hot Fudge Chocolate Pudding Cake - ooey, gooey chocolatey goodness made a little healthier with raw coconut sugar and oat flour. So decadently delicious, no one will ever know :)

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I've been trying to come up with some decadently delicious chocolatey desserts with a healthier twist. After all, what's Valentine's Day without chocolate? I remember when the Chocolate Molten Cake first became popular. The ooey gooey center reminded me of the Tunnel of Fudge Cake - does anyone remember that? I know, I'm showing my age. Well, this Hot Fudge Chocolate Pudding Cake is kind of like the chocolate molten cake and chocolate … [Continue Reading...]

Skinny Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

Skinny Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip - made with Greek yogurt "cream cheese," this lightened up favorite Game Day dip is a winner!

This lightened up Skinny Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip is a Game Day winner. I still remember my first Buffalo chicken wing - it was when I was in college in Rochester, New York. Buffalo wings became our favorite midnight snack. Needless to say, I put on a few extra pounds my freshman year from all the late night munchies. I don't think I've met anyone who doesn't like Buffalo wings. The only problem is that they're usually deep fried, and you can't eat just one. This Skinny Buffalo Chicken … [Continue Reading...]

Orange Pomegranate Salad with Fennel Pollen and Toasted Quinoa {Progressive Eats}

Orange Pomegranate Salad with Toasted Quinoa and Fennel Pollen - this salad is bright, refreshing, healthy and stunning. Toasted quinoa and fennel pollen make this a standout!

Orange Pomegranate Salad with Fennel Pollen and Toasted Quinoa is full of bright colors and flavors. Toasted quinoa adds a little nuttiness and crunch to this juicy salad. Winter's a tough time for fresh fruit, but there is always a plethora of oranges in all varieties. My parents always send me a box of Florida Honeybell Tangelo Oranges in January and I send them a box - I know it's kind of silly, but it's a tradition we started years ago. If you've never had a honeybell tangelo orange, … [Continue Reading...]

Kale Guacamole Recipe

Kale Guacamole - a healthy and easy guacamole recipe, perfect for Super Bowl!

Kale Guacamole is the perfect way to sneak in some healthy dark leafy greens. Recently, I sampled some kale guacamole at a local market and was surprised by how much I liked it. I'm a big fan of kale but I have to admit I was skeptical about mixing kale in with guacamole. The key to is to chop up the kale really fine so it's barely noticeable and doesn't detract from the creaminess of the guacamole. I used the food processor and pulsed the kale until it was finely minced. My son … [Continue Reading...]

Puppy Love Post #2

Australian Labradoodle 3 months old

Weekly Puppy Love from me to you :). Our puppy is growing so up quickly. Just another week (she's 3 months now), but she seems to look so much more mature. She's only 18 pounds but she's not a dainty little thing - more of a tom boy. She's definitely coming out of her shell and testing us as she tries to figure out who the weak links are (we know who they are ;)). Training a puppy is a lot like raising my kids, although I wish I was as good at disciplining my kids, and that my … [Continue Reading...]

How To Make Tea Smoked Fish in a Wok

Tea Smoked Fish in a Wok - this post shows how easy it is to smoke fish at home - no need for an expensive smoker

This post shows you how to make Tea Smoked Fish in a Wok - it's a lot easier than you think, no fancy equipment required. Have you tried smoking food at home? You can smoke just about anything, and you don't need a fancy smoker to smoke food. I tried to justify buying a smoker to play around with, but just haven't been able to yet, so for now, I've been using my wok to smoke food, or using a homemade smoke packet on my grill. Of course, you can skip smoking food yourself and just buy … [Continue Reading...]

Triple Berry Oatmeal Smoothie Bowl with Almonds and Chia Seeds

Triple Berry Oatmeal Smoothie Bowl with Almonds and Chia Seeds - the perfect healthy breakfast packed with protein, fiber and antioxidants

This Triple Berry Oatmeal Smoothie Bowl with Almonds and Chia Seeds is the perfect healthy way to start off your day - it's packed with protein, fiber and antioxidants. Lately, it's been so cold that I've been craving a hot breakfast. However, I've also been trying to get back in the mode of making smoothies for an extra boost of nutrients in the morning. So, I came up with this Triple Berry Oatmeal Smoothie Bowl with Almonds and Chia Seeds which combines these two breakfast ideas into … [Continue Reading...]

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Lentil Chili Soup Recipe

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Lentil Chili Soup - warm up your belly with this healthy, hearty flavorful soup

Warm up your belly with this Slow Cooker Vegetarian Lentil Chili Soup - it's hearty and healthy. Are you surviving the winter so far? I'll be honest. There have been a few days where I wouldn't have left the house if it weren't for our little puppy who's still in potty training mode. I've been making lots of soup lately, from homemade chicken broth using leftover roasted chicken bones, to heartier soups like this lentil soup I'm sharing today. I love lentil soup and I love … [Continue Reading...]

Puppy Love #1

Australian Labradoodle Puppy

Big News! We got a puppy! My boys have always wanted a dog, but I was the scrooge for many years because I just didn't think I could take care of it. As a mom of four boys, I had plenty to keep me busy. All the moms I talked to over the years told me that the bulk of the responsibility of taking care of the family dog is the mom's. Now with three boys out of the house, and just one at home, I finally felt that I had the capacity to take on the responsibility of caring for a … [Continue Reading...]

10 Deliciously Healthy Smoothies

10 Healthy Smoothies - kickstart your morning with one of these deliciously healthy smoothies!

Jump start your morning with one of these Deliciously Healthy Smoothies. Whether you're a beginner smoothie drinker or an experienced one, you'll find something new and different to try. So many of us are trying to get back on track to a healthier diet this time of year, and I can't think of a better way than to jumpstart the day with a healthy smoothie. Smoothies are a great way to get a few servings of fruits and vegetables in early in the day, in addition to protein and fiber. All you need … [Continue Reading...]